How It Works

Only one person can understand who you truly are: your true nature, what you stand for, what you like, and what is in line with your personality. This one person is you.

This is the reason why when we talk about custom-made products we need you to be the designer and the brain behind the idea of that particular product. Custom-made products go on a whole new level when you are dealing with us. When we say that we will be giving you a custom-made product, we mean that everything about that product will be made exactly how you want and would like it to be.

You give the idea, the design, the color and all of the other specifications, and we just make the product in line with the specifications.


(1) - Starting Point

If you have been searching for a certain product in shops or online, but have been unable to find it, all you need to do is bring us the idea of that perfect product; the image that you have in your mind. You can choose to draw a sketch or simply come and explain to us what you have in mind.


(2) - Consulting / Discussing

You will get the chance to have a sit down with our very talented designers and craftsmen and explain to them exactly what it is that you want. They will give their professional and talented opinion of what can and cannot actually be achieved, then you can move on with them from there.


(3) - Draft / Sketch and Approval

Once your meeting with our craftsmen and designers is complete, they will be able to come up with a sketch of what they think it is that you are looking for. You can look at the sketch and confirm whether it is exactly what you want. You also get the chance to make omissions or improvements on the sketch presented to you.


(4) - Quote

Once you give your approval for the sketch that has been drawn, an estimate of the total cost of the entire project will be made, after which a quote will be prepared and sent to you. Please note that the quote will only come after you have given your approval for the sketch.


(5) - Select and Research of Materials

Once you accept the quote, work on your perfect product will begin. At your request, you can have samples of material sent to you so you can get the chance to feel them and decide which will work best for you. Remember that you, the customer, are the focus of the entire production. Thus, your approval and input is highly valued.


(6) - Start Production

Once you have given your approval for the design, the estimated cost, the material to be used for production and all other details, the production process will begin. Great attention to detail is paid during the production process.

Wait patiently for the amazing final product that will thrill you, because it definitely will.